Trying to remake vvvv beta patch

I am trying to update an old patch I have.
But since last time I used vvvv, things changed, and I feel like sooooo many things changed, that I am feeling lost.

here is the screenshot of what I am doing :

I am trying to send audio meter values to arduino firmata…
If anyone could give me a hint, it would be lovely
(and I am ready for the vvvv beginner user tutorials, as it seems that there are so many changes…)

thank you!

Hey, it seems that you should watch a tutorial on how to use loops in gamma, because the spreading feature was dropped. So I leave a link to an older video, which still should get you started with this.

Also watch the intro for designers video from node20 for a deeper introduction:

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that is what I needed!
thank you so much!

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