Trying to "Queue" textures to create an Echo effect

Hi people! I’m trying to create a simple ECHO (or FEEDBACK) effect using the Queue(dx9). The rest of my patch is DX11 so I need to convert the texture.
This is what happen: when I apply the textures to a pile of quads, it works if the latest in on the bottom:

as you can see, it is not how it should works, but when I try to invert the order by putting the last texture “on top” I can see only the last texture:

Do you have any idea why this happen?
thanks! (521.7 KB)

Just a side note there is Echo dx11 effect, there is also a compute texture array version somewhere.

As for a problem, this is how Z sorting works… What you want to do is to disable depth buffer, and blend all the quads in place using just Blend render state, then they will be rendered in order you provide

Thanks for your answer!

Probably I didn’t got what you mean, but in my opinion this is how NOT how Z sorting should works.

  • If I have A and B, and A is closer to the camera, I should see B behing him (and not just only A disappearing).

I mean, please check what it is happening: if B is in front ofr the camera and A is behind him, I can see A. For some reason when A come closer, B disappear!

That not exactly like that, the semitransparent stuff is only transparent to stuff that was rendered before and depth not going to do anything. There is mode is special mode, you can check in Blend Advanced it’s called Alpha to Coverage. That would work as you want but would also have some downsides

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Since I use feedback a lot, I of course think in feedback and would do this with feedback. (522.9 KB)

@antokhio oooook I see! “Alpha to Coverage” works! Btw thanks for al the info, I guess I should dig more on the “semitransparent stuff is only transparent to stuff that was rendered before”, I had no idea!
In any case I guess I’ll use the @sunep suggestion! I already tryed the same but with 8bit texture was working bad. 16bit looks perfect