Trying to get h264 to work on win7 64 bit

I’ve finally moved to windows 7 (64bit). I would really like to try to use ffdshow tryouts for mp4 playback.

I’ve got ffdshow tryouts and haail media splitter installed, works fine with an mp4 dropped in to graph studio (like graph edit). No joy with filestream in vvvv though, tty says “pins can’t be connected”.

Anyone have any tips to point me in the right direction?


two ideas/tips:

Did you install ffdshow 32bit or 64bit?
As vvvv is a 32bit application it needs 32bit ffdshow.
64bit ffdshow does not do anything with vvvv.

Win7 as default does not use DirectShowFilters for for decoding mp4.
This has something to to with this “MediaFoundationThing”
Do not ask me for details.
I used the tool Win7DSFilterTweaker to disable these new native Win7 media foundation filter and enable the direct show filter … and it worked.

Hope this helps


Here the procedure that worked for us on Win7 Ultimate with Eyefinity Cards:

hope it works for you too…

and here the screenshots:

Start -> All Programs -> ffdshow -> configure codecs

Thanks very much! Seems to work fine now- renaming the file extension was the missing secret ingredient.

Oh man! Thanks Kalle :) Had the same problem, but just renaming “.mp4” to “.mpg” solved the problem.

so coool post

should be a wikipage

installing vlc player works for me but not cleanest solution but prob easiest

@kalle, thank you so much!