Trying out how to edit and delete posts

I read in a previous question that I should go to home->contributions. Will try on this post.

depends. if you want to delete e forum post, you need to press the little trash-can button here. if you want to delete any other thing (shout, blogpost, wikipage) you can go to Home->Contributions to find it, then ->Edit that contribution and press the Delete button from there.

We are having a similar issue with editing our ws proposal for NODE 17. There are no edit buttons showing up and selecting with J/K and hitting E isn’t working (for the user who posted it). Is it better if we re-post the proposal with the updated info and let the organizers know about the new link or how do you recommend we solve the issue?

The post is this one: 3D Basics & Building Interaction


@1010 only the original author of a topic @panta_rhei in your case can modify the topic by pressing the “pencil” icon in its bottom right corner.

if for some reason this is now complicated for you, yes please simply make a new thread and reference it from the old one.

When @panta_rhei logs in there are no editing options showing up (no pencil icon like in regular posts you make). Neither do the key combinations work, that’s why I mentioned he can’t edit it either. But if there’s nothing to do about that kind of an error we can open up a new thread if it’s not going to complicate things on the organizers side.

@1010 indeed, i only found the right setting now. @panta_rhei should now see the pencil in the bottom right of the posting. thanks for pointing that out!

deleting though seems not possible at all as by “discourse” design.

@joreg Yes! It seems to be working now. Thanks a lot!

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