Troubles with Collada Skeleton Animation

I would like to animate a 3D Modell with my Kinect.
Right now I try to animate a 3D Modell with the Collada Skeleton thing.
But when I try it with the Astroboy patch the Astroboy is out of shape when I connect the GetJointTransformation Node to the Skinning Node…

Same thing was mentioned in the related Post.
I think its exactly same error, but I don’t know what to do. If someone has a patch working or a proper 3D Model I would be very grateful…

Thanks, Jakob

look at Emeshe examples, they mostly have skinning animation with DX11 assimp and collada: emeshe

Ok thanks for the advice, but unfortunately it didn’t helped…
None of the patches is working although I put everything into packs folder …

But it’s all direct.x11 and the animation seem to be done with assets, and done by timecoding I think.
If I’m right, than the animation there is done somewhere else and just played in vvvv via the time-parameter.

I want to do the animation in vvvv.

I am wondering if nobody can help me? The nodes are quiet old and I think it should work and many should have worked with it? Right now I see no way to get it.

I tried a lot with other 3D Models and Blender, in Blender I could get some Bones for the Models, even really easy bone-structures get destroyed like the one in the picture.
I actually think, that vvvv puts the joints to positions where they do not belong as givin from the 3d model, but I did not found a way to work with it.

PLEASE anybody - help me!

hmmm you are doing something incredibly wrong
1st: vvvv is a difficult tool for making skeletal animations, most of the time you are better off to alter animations done in an other 3D software in vvvv to your liking with the skeleton nodes
2nd: skeleton nodes are just working fine, dx11-assimp skeletal animation pipeline provides you a skeleton which you can mangle to your liking (even built in inverse kinematics), then see animated character patches in Emeshe girlpower, like the dinosaur and the droid girl (of course don’t forget to download the assets either) (the dancer is a special one just ignore that for now)
3rd: “None of the patches are working” is a little bit vague. Did you download all the packs emeshe is depending on (mcropack, VObjects) and did you download the asset package (separate download)? what is the folder structure of your packs folder? only mcropack/emeshe nodes are missing/broken or can you see any dx11 nodes at all? or by not working you meant something else?

I would like to animate a 3D Modell with my Kinect.
yea good lucks with that bro, we once spend 3 months on that, since then it’s actually better now… Might be if dev’s would spend more time fixing a graphics pipeline it would be easier accessible to new users…
Before that happen say hello to c# and go study microsoft code…
However if u have troubles with skinning u welcome to post ur models…

there is more stuff in this thread

oh well yeaah using kinect as a skeleton is a way different story indeed. problem there: you get absolute rotations from kinect skeleton and you have to convert that to a hierarchical system and then you have to select the best joints to apply those rotations to. it’s rather a mathematical problem than a program/language specific stuff. now still if you manage to get there which is just a cumbersome shit to do you will still realise that the rig and the character will look incredibly rigid and unnatural in naive approach. so i wouldn’t recommend doing a direct rigging (maybe head orientation and some simple stuff) but what xbox kinect games usually do: they have a large set of predefined animations for a large set of gestures and select and mix some of the animations/poses based on the gestures detected.
so in conclusion @JakobDohrmann you ran into a fairly nasty area of computer graphics ;)

sounds like the microsoft prepose thing?

@circuitb: oh no you have to do that pose/animation library yourself obviously which better fits your application, even you have to teach the gestures yourself with gesture builder.

Hey people,
finally I found the failure in my patch.
I had to take all single joints of my collada file and put them to a specific location with the basetransformation input of the setjoint node. This finalle made the figure look like in cinema / blender… so if somebody is working with it keep in mind. Since I found the failure I could start animating with the kinect which takes a lot more problems with it.
Right now there some troubles with texturizing my model.

Anybody here got experiences with the skinning node and textures?
I have textures in my collada file which are working with the phong directional node easily, but are not working with skinning node. (most times I try I don’t see anything at all of my 3d model -.-)

If somebody has an idea I am really grateful.

greets, Jakob

it’s prolly skining shader u are using don’t use texture or texture cord
u need to post patch and model

This is my patch. I downloaded the 3d Model. The Texture is 1024x1024.
Looks “pretty” good!

I need the skinning node to edit my skeleton.
How can I create such a texture for my model?

I think my model is missing the uv-information, cause when I try with it, it just gets brown. (Color of Pixel 1/1 so upper left corner of the texture.png )
When I export my model from cinema with a texture it supports that texture, but I think than I have problems with rigging in cinema (in blender it works out!?)

Any Ideas?

how to texture character, well depends witch software u are using, most likely Maya is the best honestly. I had troubles exporting from blender. Maya has also a softskinning option witch was working great with vvvv, also there is this bitchy part with skeleton orientation, like u can have Z up in 3ds max witch is utter pain to flip or u will have to turn whole scene, and maya same as vvvv by default. There is soft skinning option witch was working great with vvvv.

ask google texturing