Troubles with audio output

Hi i m deeply inside of my firts multimedia installation and encouterring deeply troubles with filestream node

i m using 3/4 Filestream(directshow9) to play simple wmv file with sound, while another filestream is doing ambiance sound. levels are modulated. and… from time to time i m loosing the sound. and when image is loosed, i m loosing also the video.

i m obliged to change from DirectSoundDefault to WaveOut Default, and sometimes it works sometimes not.

Is there something i m missing ?

lecteur_videos.v4p (16.2 KB)

the videotexture in your player patch is set Pow2Stretched, this can produce huge textures which might draw too much CPU power. from my experience NonPow2 has much better performance.

otherwise, no idea… do you have the same samplerate in the windows audio out settings as the video files have their audio in? most videos use 48kHz…

hum… thanks tonfilm, great to read you ! :)
The pow2strech was to force the texture to come back.

today it works, as i have deleted all the subpatchs lecteur_videos and creating each time a dedicate patch. wich is hudge and big, and UGLY… but it works…

its like subpatching too much the same object with access to audio out create the problem with the audio driver…

can anybody can infirm or confirm this behaviour ?

i m talking about 9 videoplayers with sounds, working from time to time (3 simultaniously)

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