Troubles with 2 videos on 64bit machine


well, now I updated the computer to vvvv beta12 and installed latest directX runtime. (Athlon64 3500+ 1Gig ram with a Nvidia 7600GT 256mb and WinXP 64 with all latest drivers and updates).

but vvvv won’t let me play two video files at a time.

They are small (< 2min, pal) I tried WindowsMedia9 format…

first video plays well but as soon as the second is loaded one of them ist flickering, not playing (while frame-position output pin counts up like normal)

…and mpeg2…

first video plays well but as soon as I load another one vvvv crashes instantly.

(exact the same behavior as before with vvvv beta11.1)

any ideas?

lg, d~

helo domino.

when you play one of the files. check the videotextures MediaSubtype output (the rightmost). i suspect it to be a DXVA type. which is good, but i’ve also noticed problems (i.e. bluescreens) with two DXVA streams playing at the same time.

try changing the VideoTextures “Texture Size Mode”. With both set to NonPow2 i can play 2 wmv9 files here on an ATIX1650 even when they use DXVA. same should be valid for mpeg2.