Troubles of rendering fullscreen in beta23 / crashs etc

hi every body
i m actually only using beta 23
I m having troubles with a video projector that is unstable with its iner resolution: its graphic card just changed 2 times of proposed resolutions in windows. And this while rehearsing.
I think the hardware is quite old and needs a change of card for too much good work done. done a reset, and it still now keeping “stable”.

BUT…my main question is: is this instability may affect the rendering node in full screen and makes VVVV and windows system FREEZE ( no more mouse move, no more keyboard) ? this what had happened. or what could be the cause of FREEZE of evrything ?

The result is a broke computer i had to restart in safe mode to obtain it working “normally” ( hope so) after 3 unsuccessfull restart ( mouse freezing on open)

resolution in pins of the render seems to be same ( 1440900) but renderer inner setting thuth inspektor are in default mode 1024768. So i had kepts this resolution to do the show.

If this instability may be the cause of this crash, is there any safe mode, or a developpement of a special comportement in front of this to enable :
-resolution to appears correctly in feedback in entry pin
-vvvv not freezzing and allowing it to switch in a safe mode

Second question, I had to run on my personnal laptop to make the show working.
The previous computer has an ATI 5650 card, and my laptop a NVIDIA 460M.
I have noticed a real difference in BLACKS handling of the attached fx:
black are not blacks when projected in difference on a black background. I have a movie on black background, resized, and the frame is so shown on the background, the black of the film is “lighter”. Any trick to adapt it ?

voilà ! :-° a tired christoph

Difference_only.fx (4.8 kB)

hola karistouf,

concerning your obviously faulty hardware (as you mentioned) it is really hard to guess how vvvv would react. do yourself a favor and try to get stable hardware instead of looking for software-solutions to an obvious hardware problem.

concerning the different blacks…probably related to nvidias dynamic color range settings. on the nvidia control panel go to the

  • Adjust video color settings
    then point 2
  • How do you make color adjustments
  • With the NVidia settings
    go to tab
  • Advanced
    and set the
  • Dynamic Range
  • Full (0-255)

this setting influences decoding of videotextures. hope thats it.

hi joreg. yes i have first to find out the hardware part. Going to same conclusion as yourself. thanks .

about nvidia i will check.
many thanks for your advices !

I have to retrieve a touring computer in good state. Wich will obviosuly be painfull i think. 2nd time of crashing things in windows system from vvvv usage. wich is not sure to be vvvv fault ( begininng to believe that this computer is not stable ??? )

but but this happens only with this computer and this videoprojector… never had same nightmare with other project…
anyway thanks joreg ;-)

hi joreg !
ok back to theatre ( performing once againe tonight)

i have strange things around, more physical questions. If you may help by giving advice about it that would be great !

Video projector: shows 1440*900 resolution for the computer of the company, but not on mine. Difference for the 2 is ATI 5650 / Nvidia 460M for mine
Is this normal ? I was thinking the hardware was giving ITS capabilities. ???

Blacks: seems to work but i m actuually projecting on the front Iron curtain, so i cant see exactly if it is ok. but it seems

Sound issues: On my computer Sound was diseapearing after 460 sec on a 20 minutes film on my computer ( wich i will let with the company untill i find a solution).
It was setted everything in Default Direct Sound device. I switched to Speakers or Direct Wave device, this work but I have now clipping sound. Have you got any idea ? the Realtek tool doenst show up any buffer option…

voilà ! any godd advice will be clearley accepted with smile ;-)

different drivers/hardware offering different resolutions to directX is an old known problem. @MSBERGER may sing you a song about this. maybe he even has some tips.

did you try setting a custom resolution in nvidias driver yet?

karistouf: firs check cables that you are using, since that pretty easily might be cable problem, if you can connect to that projector another pc thru same cable, might mean that you need reser your videocard driver, so it’s nice idea to do driver re-install… another thought that your videocard might not have enough power to get thru long cable.

it’s quite hard to say something specific till we can actually see what’s happening… about sound clipping can say there is winamp plugin somewhere on the page, and on really huge patch where we had troubles with latency we used it to play sound from the video!

hope that help’s but if it’s a same machine were you had dot .NET problem you simply need to re-install Xp

hi anthokio, hi joreg, thanks for advices…
will try… fight fight fight !

ok. saved the show to night. The nvidia trick was it. Excellent !
thanks to you