Trouble with setup

Hi, I’m installing the programme and I was able to install all the external libraries, but when I installed the Visual C++ 2015 the square for that part is still red and still says it’s missing, although it isn’t since I installed it. Is it a recurring problem or is it my computer’s fault? I’m using a Windows XP by the way.
Thank you in advance.

If I remember correctly vvvv does not work on win xp.

It should work on Windows XP, it’s in the list of softwares it should work on…

hei nenedovi,

only betas<=34.2 will work on winxp, betas>=35 need at least win7.

regarding the 2015 redistributable: yes there are some pcs that show missing even after installation, that should not be a problem.

this is the last version running on XP:

It worked!! Thank you so much!

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