Trouble with griffin powermate


I’ve just tried out a griffin powermate (a usb-metal knob, product site) with vvvv.

You can define for example, that if you click on it it is like pushing “p” on the keyboard. The problem is that it reacts very slowly, sometimes not at all.

You can also define that rotating the button is like moving the mousecursor to the left or the right. But when using it in the camera-module, the movement isn’t smooth at all.

Does anybody know if smooth movements are possible? Or is the device just “too slow”?

Thanks in advance,


you can always smooth it with a filter node like Damper, LinearFilter, etc. but it seems that there is another problem with the communication. i would try it first with a text editor, to see how it responds there…

Thank you - it works better with the damper, and I’ve also realised that there have been some “wrong” nodes in the patch that have slowed it down so now it works better.

Nevertheless the “click”-function of the wheel doesn’t work well - sometimes it doesn’t react at all. But as the main function is to turn the wheel I’m quite happy at the moment.

so i guess the powermate sends a very short click and vvvv doesn’t catches that if no frame is rendered at this time…

the “click”-function of the wheel doesn’t work well - sometimes it doesn’t react at all.

that sounds to me like a classic “debounce” problem.
maybe your “click” clicks in fact fastly several times in series.

try inserting a TogEdge (Animation) to prevent this; you may get rid of your problem.

Thanks for the hints - after a while I have realized that the powermate doesn’t send the click-value at the moment you push it (and feel the click), but at the moment you release it. That confused me a little (and doesn’t make it very useful for beat-counting etc.).

I’ve also found out why it sometimes didn’t react at all:
there is a difference between “click” and “long-click” (for example longer than 1 second). As I didn’t link any action to the “long-click”-setting, nothing has happened when I have released it after 2 seconds.