Trouble with FFT

Hi all,

I new to VVV and I am having great difficulty using “FFT.” I am trying to analyze music that is being played on my computer, so it can be sent to grasshopper, the sending portion is somewhat solve. But getting the strings of number from the music is the problem. I am using foobar2000 to play my music, is the player that my problem?

I am not sure about the audio driver; should it be microphone or rear input? So far the “microphone,” gives me white noise (just random numbers-even when there is no sound) but the “rear input” nothing, even music is playing.

With “AudioInAdvice,” the only option is “stereomix.”

most modern sound cards cannot send the music that you play to an input device anymore. that is for copy protection or whatever. but as you have stereomix, it seems that your card can still do it. so you have to play music on the same sound card and open the help file of FFT to see if the music is coming in. if not you need a cable from your audio out to the input. or you can use a virtual audio cable software.

Is that Stereomix option red colored?
If so the steromix driver is not available.

What kind of Computer do you have?
Especially what kind of soundcard.
If you have a realtek or creative Soundcard you might be lucky and it could work.

Try to go to Start -> Control Panel -> Sound and there right mouseclick and “activate disabled devices” ( or something in that way, dont have an english OS)
If you did not do that already there might pop up some new Devices (if you have realtek soundcard you get Stereomix option, and if you have creative you might get “What you Hear” or something in that way)

If there do not pop up new Devices you should search for an driver update.

(If you have a Connexant Soundcard it will not work at all so you have to check tonfilms advices)

d0this the stereomix is red.

I think my sound card is SoundMax Integrated Digital HD Audio.

What would be some solutions for my problem?


sorry one more thing, I have window vista.