Trouble of resolution and GFX card with dx9renderer

Hi !

i m actually working on a new project where i have a GTX 950M on my laptop and an acer full hd video projector.
version used is beta 34.2x64

i m very near from my screen with my projector and i m facing this simple problem:

  • when in desktop extended, my screen is correctly covered (1920x1080)

  • when DX9 renderer is in fullscreen (1920x1080) i m loosing image: the screen is no more fully covered

Any idea of any way to force VVVV to render as the same resolution of the screen in extended desktop ?

If i use another lpatopp, with same patch and an asimple Intel4400 gfxcard, there is no change at all.

have you set the fullscreen resolution of the renderer in the inspektor correctly? sometimes AsDesktop does not get the right value.

yep tonfilm !
i founded a way ( its an acer projector) and setted the image format in full and not auto. seems to work now correctly… hardware trouble ? communication with gfx ?

what is your opinion ?