Trouble: instances of patches with Timeliner inside

Dear all,

almost thought I tamed Timeliner, it strikes back:

In patch “getFootPositions” I have a short animation with Timeliner.
I created two instances of this patch and Timeliner starts hating me.
(first instance is fine, only second one is %$!&☢…)

Any ideas?
My only solution would be to save the “getFootPositions”-Patch into two separate files (what I would really dislike…)

Best + 100 thanks! Julez

can you post that patch? otherwise it will be hard to guess. also before posting it try to make it the most simple that still shows the error.

Okay, this patch got really small with still showing the error…
Thanks for having a look, joreg!

edit: i’m using vvvv_45beta31.2_x86 (4.1 kB)

fun fact: if I delete the red “Player”-node and press undo/ctrl-z, it works like a charm.

Is there a way to load the whole second instance of the Player-Patch about a second delayed?

it seems you have hit a bugger by design here. i am afraid it is unlikely we’re going to fix that. so for now you’ll only have the option to use some kind of CreateNode (VVVV) trickery to create your second instance delayed. hope that works for you.