Trojan found on compiled app using UDP Listener

I just made a simple app that use Elementa, opens a UDP server, and send Udp packages.
It compiled fine, but when testing on a different PC I got windows defender poping up finding a Virus
the compiled app does not seems to involve any harm under (No security vendors and no sandboxes flagged this file as malicious)
I tested this app on 2 others pcs, with windows and windows defender up to date, and no issue was found ( but this other 2 apps also have gamma + visual studio installed )


I can upload the compiled file if necessary, but I would guess this is not the problem…

my question is, is this a common issue ? I can not try to compile the app on the problematic pc itself, but I would like to know what can cause this, maybe the udp server?
I am listening on UDP 54322, doing a quick search, I found this

Shoud I use a different UDP port that is not red flagged ? What else can be the issue?