Triplehead2go on a unibody macbook pro

Did anybody try to get a Matrox Triplehead2go digital edition to work on a unibody macbook pro running on Windows XP? I’m experiencing strange issues with the resolution of the additional screens. This might relate to the f***ing mini-DVI port. I’m using apples stock miniDisplay to DVI adapter to connect to the triplehead.

It seems that I can run 2 displays on 2 x 1024 x 768 but all three displays only on 3 x 640 x 480. really strange!

Any hints are highly appreciated.

probably need the dual link dvi adapter which is a seperate product
single link dvi (the stock component) cant support larger resolutions

uh, that’s a good hint.

SugokuGenki, do you happen to have this part at hand? It would be very cool if somebody could give it a try with the 3072x768 resolution and confirm that it works.
I’m a little worried, this part is 100 bucks and got very bad reviews from mac users. Also it seems to be made for the apple cinema display which has a resolution of 2560x1600.

Just for the record I’m running a Dual head to go Analogue on a 13" MBP unibody though had to install the drivers twice.

But you use the standard miniDisplay-to-VGA adapter for that? Or apples miniDisplay-to-dual link DVI adapter?

haha… this stuff is really crap!!°°°
after hours and hours of debugging and debugging, I finally got the following:

1.) apples dual link adapter doesn’t seem to work well on XP with the current version of Matrox Powerdesk. It is quite tricky because it works sometimes, but causes bluescreens as soon as the the display setup of matrox is touched or changed. If it would run stable on my system it would be able to produce 3 x 1280x1024 though.

I even tried to reinstall windows and also older versions of Matrox software. But I merely experienced many bluescreens.
Also interesting: after causing a bluescreen crash with the dual link (eg. by changing the resolution of the matrox driven diplays), the display driver got messed up in a way that the MBP would not show any image on the internal screen. Only solution there is to boot into save mode, remove the display driver of the grafics card and reinstall the driver.

2.) I finally brought apples stock miniDisplay to DVI adapter to only run on 3x800x600 pixel on the triplehead. stable though.

3.) the USB port of the matrox triplehead should not be connected via a USB hub. It must go into a USB port of the MBP. Else: more funny non-reproducable troubles with image and resolution. Anyhow: When the image is messed up, unplugging and replugging the USB port of the matrox helped.

4.) this is not important for the next poor guy who goes thru all the shit with the same hardware, but still funny. At some point I “fried” one of the outputs of the triplehead, which didn’t make debugging easier. I think this happened when I connected an active VGA to S-Video adapter.

Haha, so much shit with this setup. I can not recommend it.

Also check:

But it seemt to work for this guy:

hey, when did they roll out a displayport version of the *H2Go?

Is that just for power?
I had all sorts of shit with the matrox drivers, and I seem to remember just pluging my triple head into my pc with no drivers and it being detected by the gfx card, big but, this wasn’t with a displayport mac…
I also killed a triple head and had to get it swapped out by matrox, they are a little tempremental!

apparently the triplehead USB is not only for power supply.
this setup delivered only 3x640x480 when TH-USB was connected to an active USB hub. still lame 3x800x600 when connected to one of the internal USB of the MBP.