Triplehead on laptop

is it efficient to go with a laptop sollution for a triplehead 3-projections installation ?

i have no experience with the triplead, so it is not clear to me what can be accieved (graphically speaking) on what performance costs?

i am planning on buying a dedicated computer for panoramic project(ion)s and mobility would be a good +

the triplehead i’ve got is working great on any of my laptop or desktop monsters. you can simply consider it as a pure monitor device to your graphic card which has resolution up to 3840x1024@60Hz on a 3-head mode.

we found it also working quite well.

note that it will support only the resolutions written on the box - so if you want to try things like 3840x1024@50Hz for pal video playback or some of the stranger TFT resolutions, you will not succeed.

the triplehead it is not programmable at all, so you will also not succeed in mixing different resolutions or doing anything else than arranging them horizontally.

on the other side dumb devices are always nice, as you can do all the intelligent stuff in vvvv.