Triplehead and Dualhead issue!

Hi guys! I’ve got a problem with triplehead and dualhead. Everytime I restart my patch, output render goes only on one of the screens, and the resolution go back to 1024x768. And it’s impossible to set it to 2048x768, or 3072x768…
I need to change the FullScreen resolution to 1600x600 (2x800x600) and only then I can set it to 248x768!
Someone else got this problem?

you shouldn’t have a problem. run msconfig and remove powerdesk from starting with windows - that can cause issues.

also try set res msberger.modules.ex9.setres is still having issues

Is all your screens identical?

Install just drivers, without software…

ok I’ll try all this as soon as possible!
BTW yep, projector was different