Triple screen movie immersion programme. Help?


I made a quick video showing what I would like the end result to be here

Could someone help me with creating a programme which would be able to do this? I have no experience with vvvv so would prefer a package that is auto executable?

Would prefer if it worked with everything; eg. a screen capture so works with Netflix, VLC, Hulu. But I understand if it has to be a plugin for a specific programme.

My idea on how this could work is two screen capture regions of say 1x1080 on either side of the main monitor are then displayed on their respective outer monitors and stretched with a Gaussian blur to create an immersive environment.

The idea is to emulate such LED style products as the lightbox and other such hdmi arduino interfaces.

If anyone is up for a challenge or could help me out, please let me know :)


Sorry link didnt work

i guess when you write “auto executable” you mean compile a patch to a exe ? this is not possible. you always need vvvv to run your patches. well for now.

to capture a screen you can use the screenshot node.

but if you want to use webservices, you can simply grab any website with the infamous html node based on chrome.

blurring the content can be done with gaussian blur or directional blur.

So most of that went completely over my head.

Do I physically have to re plan out the nodes each time I want to use them or is there an ability for someone to write it and send me a file which vvvv will recognise and run?

i remember west did something similar: westprojects#ambilight project patch

Any chance someone could mod that into the means I was wanting?

what’s your budget ?

Budget? I wasn’t looking at buying any physical hardware, just wanted a simple program to recreate what the video outlines.

Hi Iag0,

People here at the forums are all very friendly and very helpful but also, as I am sure you can imagine, very busy with their own projects and jobs. They will point you in the right direction but nobody will make you something for free. The main reason for this is because even if what you require is easy to make (not so sure it is in this case) and someone quickly creates a working prototype for you, in order for you to use it you must make changes to it so it will fit your requirements. This is the nature of vvvv and multi-purpose toolkits.

You said you don’t know how to use VVVV. Does that mean you expect the person who helps to also sit around and offer you maintenance till you get your project working and all these for free?

You have two choices. Either hire someone who knows the software to do the job for you or start learning, start your project and when you get stuck ask for advice on the forums. People will then respond with advice on how to proceed.

Well, I had some fun doing this, with the good ol’ dx9.

foriag0.v4p (25.7 kB)

i sense lots of appreciation for programming art…