Triple Head To GO

Dear All,

I am using two triple head to go on my computer, is there a way to go full screen on the six outputed screens ?

all i can do now is to output on three screens only !

thank you…

If you’re not using Windows 7 you can set Horizontal span mode in Nvidia control panel (not sure what it is for ATI cards)

If you’re using Win 7. Unlucky!

And join the :( club…

On ATI you might only be lucky if you have an eye-finity card. With eyefinity you can basically do the same thing as on a TH2Go, that is treat all output screens as one.

I think @kalle did this some months ago. In my tries with ati eyefinity I have not seen it accept too strange resolutions, but I might have missed something?


whats the setup of that cpu ? which videocards do you have ?
can you drag a windows “window” on any of the 6 screen? i mean, you have the span mode already set up rigth ?

try to do it without matrox drivers, windows will see your matroxs as 2 3072x768 monitors, then put a render node ( windowed ) in the middle screen of each matrox, see the inspector, and chose the resolution from there. you will have 1 render node per matrox, and then put 3 quads on each render and align them. i did that with one matrox and it worked… not sue about 2 but try! :)