Trigger bang a string (like in max)


i want to be able to do different things with one keypress.
for example, first keypress loads video a, sets speed to x, and sets quad to a certain size
second loads video b, sets speed to y and sets quad to another size
and so on.
i know that i could do that with many switches and multiflipfops and getslices. in max for example that would be much more easy. with a sth. like

bang-trigger(string, int, …)

besides making a subpatch with every set of settings and switching them,
is there a simpler way ?
thanks againg for your help

automata is kinda for that…
but no there is no easy way sadly

I would do something like this

EDIT: corrected the connection from the counter.

SimpleSequence2.v4p (16.0 kB)

note the output of the counter should go into the index input of the top left getslice, not the separate

hello thanks for all the advice, i will use something like this for sure.
but sometimes i will have a lot more commands, lets say for 10 videos with quads,
would it be a big difference in performance if i would load a subpatch with the settings (lets say 4 spreads with 10 number slices, 10 spreads with strings and 10 buttons ?)