Triangulation and Delaunay3D

my patch generates a path which i like to triangulate.

blue boxes is right border, red is left border. the counts are not matching 11:15

question 01: any hint on how to triangulate this while counts will constantly change

question 02: (probably to vux) why is delaunay3D not triangulating when points are Zero on Y-Axis (note to myself, need to check github code)

question 01: you might want to look at ear clipping, or a delaunay 2d.

Another semi easy way is to resample the lower count (not using resample, but you can add points on longest distance segments).

question 02: 3d delaunay generates tetrahedrons, not triangles, so having points in same plane is a degenerate case and won’t work.

thanks vux for the answer