Triangle strip/fan?


does anybody know if there is a way to create a ‘trangle strip’ or ‘triangle fan’?

When i use the Mesh node to construct a mesh, it seems i have to make the indices spread’s length a multiple of 3 (always adding 1 triangle existing of 3 vertices).

I would like to be able to define a list of vertices, and add them one by one.

(if you want to know why, I’m messing with PointSprites ;)

i think the problem is rather that none of vvvvs rending primitives allow you to choose the mesh-style. so for now i’d say you can only realize triangle strips/fans by creating your own plugin based on Template (EX9) to render different mesh-styles.

Has any alternative emerged to have common vertices and edges when importing meshes? I tried different .dae files which look good on max3ds but whenever imported in vvvv triangles are all independent faces not sharing any vertex…

try “wield” function on vertecies before export

@antokhio we tried that but the mesh is “de-assembled” whenever imported in vvvv.
BTW i remember there was a new “all mesh importer” coming… is it ready? Can t find the reference.

Sounds like the assimp nodes. Vux said he was still working on them, but they are in addon pack already- I actually started using mostly obj now because of them.

bwaahhh, move along nothing to see here…

(i overread io’s last post)