Triangle/polygon drawing via GDI?

Hello to everyone!

Im kinda newb, so i have probably stupid question:

How can i draw solid triangle or maybe polygon via GDI?


for sure possible somehow.
for sure only as a workaround with some effort/tricks.

why GDI and not DX9?

is your pc that old that you can’t render DX9?

yeah, i see)
i have idea with some rectangle transformation, etc.

“why GDI and not DX9?”

mainly because of GDI-“purism”. i like that raw machine aesthetics)) + my mate can’t initialize directX under wine, so he asked me about this, and i thought that it is good occasion to ask you))

hi kalle, i m wondering exactly the same question here:
point of view should be GDI is less ressources consuming especially if interreaction surface is hudge ?