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Hoping someone can help me please. I’m trying to output a green and red flashing triangle and square in the renderering box. I can get a flashing square, but not a triangle. I can get the triangle to just appear on its own, but when I try to output it so that it flashes it does not work. Hoping someone can help me please?


hey rochelle, please share your patch so we can possibly reproduce this on our end.

Hi @joreg
I have the patch attached here.

flashing triangle and square patch.v4p (10.1 KB)


hey rochelle, your patch was fine. only the vertex positions were somehow out of scope. i brought them into view:

flashing triangle and square patch.v4p (10.3 KB)

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Thank you!

Sorry to ask again, but I’m trying to set up the output window so that it counts the number of times the triangle button is pressed. The number seems to be going up, but it keeps displaying the number one.

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i’m afraid the node ScreenNumber is probably not what you think it is (it is for showing debug info on multi-viewport renderers). it seems you simply want to display text. if so, use the Text (EX9) node. to convert the number coming from the Counter to a string which the Text node can show, use the FormatValue node.

Thank you, that works perfectly!

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