TreeView Mouse Selection

Hi all, i’ve tryed to use treeview to do this :

  • render a view of tree
  • expand folders using mouse mapping
  • have a text reference of every node mouse is over

In the patch i left some notes and tryed to make it clear,
I can’t just select the right index of list i want cos indexcount of treeview is related to both folders/files , so what i did can work just for first folder to expand, then it close and next folder as a cumulative index (including previous folder files), of course, mouse can 't know it :)

I thouhgt was helpful to find all maxDepths from every folder to know how the real count is and let mouse selector knows about it…that was the idea, but I do not know how to do it, after some hours, now i’ll need help :)

Thank u for ur time.

PATCH (9.34 Kb)

So, wasn’t that easy ? :)

Nice patching m8 :)

But I think it is best to use Woei’s GUI_Elements_v1 modules, it comes with all kinds off handy buttons, slider, and a nice file selector. ;)

When i started to look for a way to browse files, i found woei modules and i found everything very attracting, also if difficult to understand about patching (my ignorance i guess), thought i found not attracting file browser cos it uses a folder selector and a relative file selector.
Now, not only for space on GUI, i think…if there is module that expands trees on filesystem, why shound’t i just use that to expand my trees on GUI ? :)

Anyway, i just think who coded TreeView introduced indexes to do soemthing like that, i’m just not into vvvv that much to work it out easily, but i’ll try again tomorrow :)

Thanks u all and sorry for much talking :)

Ok was easier then i thouhgt, just need to undertsand indices; here the patch, soon i’ll upload a module more complete to use within other projects :)

thank u all

p.s.: note from this ISP i can upload just packed files( weird routing stuff) and i can’t upload Zip files on this forum, so only way left was a rar, sorry for that , from monday i’ll use another ISP.


Well my purpose was to have a fileBrowser to load textures/patchs/whatever in live performance, first I studied all modules already in forum (woei e.g.), but i decided to use treeView, some reflections about it :

  • TreeView does not export a valid fileSystem Path for browsed files, actually it takes as root the directory where patch is saved, so u gotta strip file path by urself.

  • Depths are very smart, but maybe would be useful a flag to recognize folders/files.

I packed my patch cos I’m also using some utilities to have pixel position instead of relative postion, every suggestions, corridge or whatever is appreciated, I need to learn more.

A great thanks to West, who is ever avalilable to teach and show stuff to me, and thanks to all ppl involved in this nice project…see u at Node :)