Travel Tips [ halfway OT ]

Hi All

I noticed @kalle’s request for info in France the other day and people have asked about good pay as you go options to get data while being abroad.

Also since I am going to be in Germany the next two weeks and need such advice, I would suggest a page with tips regarding data subscriptions for your mobile and other relevant data to each country.

One thing for sure would be who would be up for coffee/beer in which city if someone comes by.

And all sorts of other relevant tips when being in this or that country

Where should we put such a page? I can’t really figure out which place would be the most clever for such a travel tips page.


ideas suggestions are welcome


where will you be?

i am in frankfurt until sunday, then in berlin, but leaving 3rd for holidays…

regarding mobile hspa data, there are several providers. most of them have mobile flatrate for about 10 euro/month with 5 to 10 GB hspa speed, then they limit the speed to GPRS after you reach the limit.

another option is FONIC, which i have in my laptop, its 2,50/day 500MB, after 10 days you have the rest of the month free. the limit as 5GB/month as above.

last week i say a nice card from LIDL (supermarked), which seems to resell the FONIC cards with a rate of 1,99/day. but you had to buy the stick with it, which was 39 euro…

do you want it for your phone or the laptop?

i’m in tampere. i dunno if is the best for hosting general travel info - a good travel site is . i agree that info on public wifis, data plans etc would be very useful :)
user specific stuff could maybe go under users ?

yeah, maybe we should create a wiki page for countries branching to city wikipages maintained by users living in these cities… (or some other hierarchical structure)

also while no dedicated place is available i hereby declare to provide beer and hospitality (if schedule allows it) to all vvvvellows visiting the mildly boring town of hannover. (in nothern germany that is)

so if you’re somewhere near notify me and drop by for a nice chat…