Trautner crash with 2 point grey cams

i use 2 point grey firefly2 cams (firewire). when i plug both and use the DualVideo test patch (joreg posted once…) modified with a trautner node i can run only a resolution of 320x240@10fps on each cam. everything bigger just outputs black or crashes the whole app.
another strange thing is the framerate of the VideoOut node connected to videoout of the Trautner. it runs with 29-30 frames. this causes a terrible flickering and unsmooth values (e.g. 10,0,14,0,15,0,18,0,…) when the mask is on and Trautner running (holdbackground=0).
is there a way to reduce or sync the average framerate of VideoOut with the incoming framerate from the VideoIn?
attached is the patch and a screenshot.
any help would be so great.

TrautnerTrackingDualVideo02.v4p (18.9 kB)


TrautnerTrackingDualVideo02_2009.06.01-18.46.31.jpg (134.2 kB)

there 2 things could help you.
the first is the “Reference Clock” property of the videoin (accessible via inspector)
the second is the “wait for every nth frame” of the videotexture (always in the inspector).
another thing maybe can help, the “mainloop” node, that allows you to set the min and maxframerate desired (for the entire patch)