Transparent projection drapes

Does anyone have experience using transparent projection drapes? Any European suppliers to recommend for this kind of thing?

As an example the back screen in this video is what I’m talking about:

Any info, tips, rants etc appreciated

yes, indeed, its called Tulle in french and its a front screen
im using ofently Gerriets products, they speak french, german, and certainly english:

you can have a look of differences of a White Gobelin Model Tulle with different lightings, and its appearance and disappearance on this video:

another keywords to check are scrim, bobinet, netting, gauze screen

the cheapest one is

i would not recommend to use white color unless you don’t have black in your visuals, cause white eats up all your contrast, grey is good compromise, for black you need triple power of your projector/s comparing to normal cyclo screen. be careful- without tensioning set up all nets look awful
if you specifies you needs i can give you more info

Thanks both for the infos- that’s perfect!

@DiMiX thanks- that’s great, I don’t know enough about the project yet, should be more informed in a week or two.

Cheers :)

if you are near france and germany:

I was looking through the Gerriets catalogue- very comprehensive…

the video i have setted in link is a white gobelin tulle.
making it transparent depends of contrast, ambiant lighting, angles and reflexion
grey is uselly a better compromise. But you will fight with power of video projector, and light designer ;-)

Nice link btw :)
So if you want to avoid extra imaging behind the tulle would you usually have some kind of blackout material, or just try to manage this with the projection angle?

with sharkstooth scrim you will get app.1/3 of your light power behind the screen.
with Bobbinet = 1/2
so if you have front projection, you can place behind black backdrop,
cheapest is dekomolton
i think you have to go extreme sidewise with projector angle to avoid imaging behind, additionally you will lose power through unfavourable angle
there is way to set up rear projection if you can, but then you have troubles to hide projector’s glare behind the screen

you want to avoid extra imaging:

black deep curtain and angle. usually you buy a tought black very thick Velours


i guess black gauze screen in front with at least 15000 ansi DLP

Hi guys,

I am interested in experimenting with some transparent drapes too and I am kind of lost where to start. I understand that in order to identify the appropriate type you need to know specific (colors of projection, angle, projection strenght etc).

Is there any reading material anywhere?

Also, can anyone give me an approximate prices for these things? I am either blind or none of the website gives prices!

And to keep things simple, what you would guys recommend for an all-purpose, affordable tulle for experimentation (color, type)?



for experimentation you can use different mosquito net:
unfortunately with limited width
for the theatre textile you can check Gerriets price list

120329-gc-0-pl2-2012-13.pdf (907.9 kB)

Hi all

Excuse the intrusion, and I hope this is an appropriate place to post this.

We’ve got some used Showtex Sharkstooth Gauze Gobelin for sale. Used for two shows only, in good condition.


1 lot of 18.2m x 9m
4 lots of 9m x 2.25m

We’re in Birmingham, UK. If anyone’s interested please get in touch for pricing -

Thanks- Jon