Transparent 3d geometry depth buffer issue

hey vvvolks,

i´ve modified the phong shader so it supports alpha transparency (found some hints by sanch somewhere in the forum), which works fine.

however, the depth buffer isn´t working– parts of the geometry that lie in the back are drawn in front.

there is only one object, the camera is looking at & through it, and the “inner” sides should be visible .

the FAQ Rendering isn´t really clear if this is possible…

my video card is quite outdated, too, but since the shader basically works, this shouldn´t be the issue, right?

any ideas,?

grüsse aus kölle,

note the But_it_still_doesnt_work I_am_using_transparent_objects entry in the FAQ. in short words: its not easy.

hey, sorry,
forgot to mention one important bit:

Obviously this method | ALPHATESTER | will not give you smooth antialiased borders, but it is somehow better than nothing.

i need smooth, vvvvery antialiased borders!

You may want to try the cull node in a spreaded way…Using both clockwise and counterclokwise,

Transparency should cover the whole topic and some more.
however might take a bit of a time to study.