Transparency Map


is there any way to have a transparency map as I would to by using a 32-bit TGA file (32R32G32B32A) format, such as a texture would be in Maya3D for example ?
I want to have semi-transparent faces but with keeping my difuse color (black/white and midtones). I tried many different combinations with FileTexture 's Format any suggestions ?

Thanks in advance

Actually you can use an 8 bit per channel file too.

There are some issues with transparency and 3d in general, be sure to read up on here. transparency

‘alpha test’ is probably the node you are looking for for a quick fix though.

:/ It doesnt seem to work neither with Alpha test (tried out all the different parameters), thx anyway.

PS: I choosed the 32 bit file format only because it is a prerequest for MIA’s materials of Mental Ray in maya (the only way to keep transparency and color in the same file).

him, I wonder if it’s something about the file format then.

It works with ‘normal files’ right? can check with this

AlphaTest.v4p (7.3 kB)

post some pic, what you are doing, is not clear.
but most normal shaders output alpha 1 by default whatever you put in there
try with constant.fx

sorry to be so late I will post them immediately!

Problem solved, it seems that I wasnt so familiar with AlphaTest and its different settings - properties. I shall dig it more.

Thanks a lot, @everyoneishappy. From now on your nick-name has a real meaning for me too!

thanks also goes to antokhio for his interest and his prompt response.

haha glad it worked for you \o/