Transmitting data

We have five computers each of them is collecting another kind of Data. Mostly text and images. These information we´d like to merge into one printable form.
Which protocols and are working proper with VVVV to send the data to the webserver? Is PHP an opportunity?
And how could we manage this data easily? Is there a simple software to manage text based Charts?
THX for any Help…

Sure you can communicate with a PHP script on a webserver from vvvv.

If you want to organize your data in a mySQL table and print it from a browser, that’s currently one way to do it (there is no database support inside vvvv at the moment, but it’s on on of these lists)

For one quick-and-dirty approach we’d used a flash applet running inside a renderer (flash) to connect to a webserver. There are also HTTP nodes, but personally I don’t know them at all - Stefan might know more?

Please be more specific about the “text based charts” you need to make.
How about trying to connect to a script running in openOffice? that might be cool. No idea, how, though

i´d think HTTP is the way to go. setup web servers on each of the 5 computers and use PHP, Perl, Python, Lisp or whatever to show simple text pages with your data when asked for specific urls.
use HTTP nodes within VVVV to receive the data from the web servers. use any web browser for debugging.

and see this thread