Translating names from microsoft docs to .net GAC

I am trying to use this .net Decimal type because a .net library I am working with needs it for input.

It says in the Microsoft docs here the Namespace is just ‘system’

When I import ‘System’ from the .net Framework Assembly GAC I still don’t have access to this Decimal type.

This has happened to me before, I tried I few different things and in the end I found Decimal in ‘System.Runtime’.

When I look at the docs there is a reference to System.Runtime.InteropServices.ComVisible(true) in the code definition at the top. But importing System.Runtime.InteropServices doesn’t seem to contain it either.

Am I missing something here? Or is there some way to tell from the Microsoft docs in which .net framework assembly you will find things?

Try MsCorlib

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note that namespace != assembly. an assembly can contain many namespaces.

from the page you linked:

what you’re looking for when referencing a dependency is the assembly, not the namespace.

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