Translateing textures

im experimenting with the dx effect teplate and the translate part of the texture transorm matrix doesnt work (the texture doesnt move it just scales and rotates). it works fine with the dx quad node:/ is this a bug or am i doing something wrong?

also if i ste try to use _3_0 shader model the editor gives me an error even though my card suports it.

The texture thing is because DX uses different cooindinates from vvvv. I tries and failed to to re transalte them, but Im a bit slow at coding! I t should be possible.
PS3 I dont have a clue about!!!

i read that in some other post but i thought that just affected the center of rotation i cant see why that would prevent me from moveing the texture. oh well:/

in the template effect is a little bug, the TEXCOORDS are always set to float2 datatype, but they should be float4, if you change this it should work. see attached file.

and if you want a rotation around the center, you have to set the CenterX and CenterY pins of the texture transformation to 0.5.

i think PS_3_0 is not supported yet, you have to wait for the next vvvversion.


TemplateFixed.fx (4.5 kB)

use the module symtext(transform) (already in the beta) betwen the transform node and the fx file
for have the center of rotation and scale in the center
of the mesh

No way its that easy!!
I spent hours thinking in circles over that!!
Cheers guys