built this cause Attractor wasn’t flexible enough for me. now i’m stuck in making it spreadable. can anyone help me out? unluckily it’s quite urgent…

woei (3.0 kB)

do you want to put more meshes into the module or do you want to use more than one attractor?

it was very hard to patch this.

i think it is good example for the problems of “simple onedimensional spreads” . what do you think, sebnoschatz?

hopefully you get this patch within time…

greg (4.8 kB)

oh crab
and in this version it only works for 2 attractors

ok now this one should do it (5.0 kB)

oh jeah!

this is exactly what i was trying to do, thanks a lot!

but i wonder whether i will be able to use it, since spreadcount will be kind of heavy with many attractors and a highpoly mesh…

thanks anyway!

this IS a problem.
the only way to make it real fast is to write a vertex shader.

ok, here the vertexshader version, but i don’t get how to avoid the shader from duplicating the mesh when feeding a spread of transformations… is there something like {CODE(ln=>1)}Pos = mul(Pos, tWVP0-15)^ (0-15 for the first transformation float4x4?

holy christ-goes-to-heaven

TransformRegion.fx (2.8 kB)

i think it is not possible at the moment.
again we would need spreads in spreads~~
the only way i see is to use several transform pins for that.