Transformation problem?

Hay guys!
So I have a deadline tomorrow and am in need of some help!
Any help is much appreciated

so the image on the left is an example patch in girlpower folder which i’ve edited (i’ve added in my own xml file and changed colour of dots) the image on the right is my patch file which i am working on

i want to combine them, the problem that i have is adding the xml file with the location dots to the globe in my patch. I am having problems

Could I possibly add anyone to skype who can help me? i will be able to show you patch files :)

thank you!

UPDATE: i’ve got it working accept the dots are like this:

Hi Teemo,

I’m working on something very similar at the moment :).
Skype under my name “Andrej Boleslavsky”.

Check node * (Transformation), it might help.


My problem has been solved!!
I would like to give credit and thank
tonfilm and elektromeier for their help!!!
I am so very grateful for you both :)

And thank you id144 for replying :)