Transform chain issue

If Scale node pins are not set to the same value, I get some strange transformation (chain is translate, scale, rotate, same order as in transform 3d); the thing does not happen if I use Transform 3d.
The strange transformation is mostly noticeable with rotation along X and Y axes. Didn’t seem to affect rotation on Z.

EDIT: I forgot to mention the constant or phong… does not matter. The issue is there anyway.
EDIT2: Oh well… it happens in DX9 too. Title modified.

In the patch switch between the two transformation modes and try each scale value (1,2).

bug.v4p (12.3 KB)

beta35.8_x64, dx11-1.1-x64, win10

the order is scale rotate translate, not rotate scale translate. that’s what the new VL node is called TransformSRT and the pin order is different… so you need to have translation first (as in your patch), then rotation and after that scaling… so swap the order of rotate and scale.

I finally had a walk a beer dinner and a good sleep. I inverted scale and rotate before reading your answer, and I was like wtf… haven’t I always put rotate as the last element in the chain? Why transform 3d node has a “misleading” order of operations? Uh… I got whole rusty…

Thank you.

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