Transform a Sphere with texture in RenderWindow

Hi there, so I’m quite new to Gamma but I’d love to try make this project happened with it. I have to make this data visualization of the earth with graphs and text along country coordinates, as this one that I did with Beta

The look I’d love to achieve is quite flat - without light and shadow - and I’d need to use a lot of Skia graphics so seems like RenderWindow is the way to go instead of SceneWindow. I guess.
But I’m struggling to achieve the effect above : a movable sphere that has a texture on it. see the below pic
Probable I’m doing this all the wrong way !

Both shaders have a “World” input where you can connect your transformation, so what you showed in the screenshot should work just fine.

You can also use a SceneWindow + RenderEntity and connect your rendering nodes to that. In that way, you can combine both worlds, which might be more flexible in the long run.

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