Training courses?

A little over a week ago, a client of mine showed me this video and asked if I could do something like that. After watching the video and cleaning up the spit-take, I politely said that I couldn’t any time soon and why are you asking? The client wanted to pitch something similar to one of their potential clients two days from that time for an upcoming event. While hiring Strukt would seem to be the “correct” thing to do, budgets here aren’t exactly that um… robust. But, if it was actually pitched and was accepted, that would probably have to be the solution.

Since that time, I have been working my way through the tutorials and everything on this site, trying to figure this out but without a “real” mission (meaning: deadline), I’m afraid of losing steam. I’m no fool and I know I couldn’t get proficient enough to make an installation like the video in a few months (or proficient in just about anything for that matter), but I can see that knowing this software would be an asset to my freelancing. So, I am looking for courses that I might take and found this one±+Getting+started+and+Projection+mapping

However, before I go off like a mad thing and book flights for across the pond, I thought I’d ask if anyone knows anything about this. There doesn’t appear to be any other workshops or courses happening in the near future, especially here in Canada. While I’m not adverse to having a vacation I can write off somewhere in Europe (or anywhere, for that matter), I would like to feel that it would be money well spent. ~$325Cdn isn’t a lot for a weekend course, if it was somewhere I could drive to, and I would just take a chance on it. It’s the additional travel expenses that give me pause.

So, any advice or suggestions you can give me would be appreciated. This is my first post here so please try to go easy on me! ;)


I don’t know about that workshop, but I have several venues you could explore:

Check the user map for people in your vicinity. Maybe some are up for experimenting together, or know more about stuff happening in your part of the world.

Work through the tutorials first to see if vvvv is to your taste at all (it’s not for everyone). The learning curve is pretty steep, so don’t get discouraged.
Afterwards you can always go looking for further education…

hope that helps

welcome pixelsmith,

since that workshop seems to have elliot woods as an instructor i’d assume it’s rather good. :) as a two day workshop can certainly only be a starting point i’d also highly recommend checking out wests really neat video tutorials in addition to the general documentation.

like bilderbuchi already stated the learning curve in vvvv can be steep in the beginning, but you certainly won’t regret learning this super versatile toolkit once you’ve mastered it! (i guess you just have to take my word for that :P)

Thanks for the replies!

Yes, I have gone through all the video tutorials on this site already. I intend on looking/working through the advanced ones (I’ve gone through a few). I’ve done the F1 thing on various nodes and picked/played with them, plus some of the patches that are in the forum. What can I say? It’s summer in Canada and there’s no work because everyone is out enjoying the weather.

The learning curve, as you say, is steep. When work starts up again, I won’t have as much free time. I guess I’ll have to see how things go.

I think you will learn working towards a “real” project. You will meet all types of troubles and learn while solving them.

Most of us have Skype, so if you throw your Skype name here, some users will add you so you can learn directly from them. We had a Skype page here on the Wiki, wasted 30 minutes to try and find it. Mine is Westbam.v4p :)

yeah, what west said and also this… ;)