im a fresh newbie and i need to do camera tracking which tracks the darkest
point from a live video camera and retrieves its x and y relative coordinates.
right now i have the camera directed at a blank paper with a black dot on it.
i tried the camshiftracker but it doesnt seem to work.
can anyone help?

try the freeframe contour from the beta.
or an other solution is to use eyesweb , but the freeframe camshiftracker should work ,and the freeframe contour to.

the explanation on the camshiftracker says to change the value of the pin
“show ROI” where is that pin,i cant find it there.
also when i give the 1 value to the show position box the whole thing
goes white and i cant see the video on the renderer anymore.

I just try the camshiftracker from here @marc_s and thats work very good , with the version that you can download , on the user page. I haven´t try the version from the beta
And i can see all the pin.
Wich version do you use?

im using the 33beta9.2. i downloaded the version from yr link now.
thanks for the help. anyway where is the “show ROI” which box does it lives?

the " show ROI " pin is on the freeframe

i must be totaly out of it or something.
im working on the help module "CamShiftTracker - FreeFrame "
theres explanation text in it and a module with a renderer that has
the video from my cam in far all is well.
what do you mean the pin is on the freeframe?isnt that just the name of
the document?where is that godamn pin?
anyway im starting to loose my patience so ill totaly understand if you
dont feel like answering anymore.(though i would appriciate it) ; )

The freeframe is the tracker node
oH i forgot to say that you need to install the openCV library to use the filter :
that should be the problem

i give up for now,i cant get it to work.
thanks a lot for the help

i’m bored right now so i made a patch for u, i don’t know how accurate the tracking has to be…this patch is fun and definetely not the best tracking solution…

move the mouse in the white render window to change the position of the target and u will see the pipet tracking get’s rough coordinates and moves the result quad. the higher the resultion, the more accurate the tracking gets but it kills your cpu too.

have a look at the trautner or contour stuff and spend some time on it. tracking is not something u learn in a rush ;)

blacktrack.v4p (12.1 kB)

it’s me who is too stupid to login
and another ‘newbie proofed’ version :p

blacktrack2.v4p (14.8 kB)

thanks a lot guys it works.brilliant.