Tracking object with Kinect2

Hi every one,

Is there any node in VVVV for kinect2 to track non-human object like a ball? The problem is I can’t found the FreeFrame DS9 plugin in 64bit version VVVV. So, how to use the colortracker with kinect2? or any other way to do that?

Any help would be great.

Thank you very much.

you can use multiple vvvv instances. use the 32-bit vvvv version and send the tracking coordinates to your main vvvv instance that can be a 64-bit one…

Hi tonfilm, thank you for your advice!! In this case, I have to run Kinect2 in 64bit version and send the video to 32bit version. I have some experiences with sending simple data like 0/1, which works well. But I am not sure if sending videos works the same because it seems really slow… maybe it’s my laptop problem. Thank you again :)

have you tried spout?

Hi tonfilm, I tried spout and it works wells. But it turns out another problem…
Spout seems only works in alpha version. When I use Spout DX11 in 64-bit vvvv, it comes red. But I cannot find Kinect2 in alpha 64-bit VVVV even with everything installed…:(
I spent some time on this but still cannot solve the problem. I am newer to VVVV, not sure if I made some mistakes…

any idea of tracking nonhuman object with kinect2 ?

I’m currently looking into this

I’ll be using it for tracking IR markers from the Kinect2 IR image. As soon as I have any nodes that are generally usable, I’ll post them in that thread.

Microsoft Kinect does not support any tracking apart from what you can find in the Kinect2 nodes. However, you can use either the IR or RGB camera to detect objects.
Keep in mind that that’s equivalent to tracking with a webcam though.

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