Tracking IR corner points on a moving rectangle

What’s the best way of doing something like this?

magic projection

I’ve been playing around with putting IR LEDs on the corners of a rectangular plane, and initally thought I could maybe use that to define the corners of a homgraphy node. but this is a bit simplistic and I haven’t got very far because of having problems sorting the blobs. I suspect it’s not the right approcah anyway.

Is there a better way that I’m missing?

A couple of solutions (not tested):
use 1 led, 2 leds, 3 leds, 4 leds for each corner, use blob size to fetch etch one separately
use colored leds (no IR “transparency” in this case but fancy lights instead) for each corner

another idea:

track the leds with contour only at the start, and use the bounding boxes of contour to set the roi of a camera shift tracker. in theory it would be track the points (without loosing the id) until they are inside the view of camera