Tracking - getting started


I’ve been frustrated recently trying to get started with motion tracking using vvvv. I’m on the road with limited access to internet and return to my room each night with new info but repeatedly no results. Can someone help me get the ball rolling?

I’ve been trying to get the freeframe plugins to work without any luck. Contour, etc just don’t seem to output anything for me. I’m running beta 18 on my laptop with an ATI Radeon 9700 video card. I have a webcam I picked up over here that likes to crash vvvv and also a framegrabber with RCA connection to a vidcam that I’m running with more success (vid in to vid out shows the image). I’ve got DirectX 9.0c installed.

To get straight to the point (if I’m going down the wrong road with contour), I’m looking to track a moving object or multiple objects and capture their image to an image file (without a background). If possible I’d like to save the image with a background of transparency but I can worry about this once I actually get something to work.

Is it my hardware? Something that is not installed properly?

Thanks for any help here, I’m lost and have been searching for hours without any luck.


I can’t help you with the hardware. Do the Cams work in other software (except the software that came with the Cam, cause that would be cheating ;) )

But if it is you want to have some kind off back ground subtraction, Master Kalle made a shader that does that.

Check the -BG+Key.fx shader

Make sure you check the hidden pins on the DX9Texture node for the alpha if you want to save transparency.

Hi West,

Thanks for getting back to me on this.

I’ve been using 2 different cams: a USB webcam and a mini-dv vidcam going into my laptop through an RCA connection on a USB interface. I got both to work in different softwares.

The webcam seems to crash vvvv as soon as I enable it. The webcam powers on and then vvvv just freezes and requires a full computer reboot to launch again! So I put the webcam aside… :)

The vidcam works in vvvv. I plug the videoin module to the videoout module and the camera outputs onto my screen. I believe, in fact, that all of the native modules in vvvv function properly. When I load a help file the patch works fine, BUT when I load a freeframe plugin (helpfile or just create a simple patch) it doesn’t work. The contour help file doesn’t even require a video input and everything below the ‘contour’ module in the patch is dead. The trautner patch, when plugged into the vidcam, gives me a static set of 4 grayed blobs that are semi-square like. Again there is no activity in the patch after the freeframe module… I figured it was a problem i was having with the freeframe set and that it was probably something simple like a configuration or installation that I was overlooking. I haven’t found an answer in my searches however.

I downloaded the patch that you recommended and will give that a shot when I get back. I don’t have internet at the apartment and it’s not cool to pull out a bunch of technology where I am so I’ve been bouncing back and forth.

Thanks again for your help!


An update:

The -BG+Key patch works along with another background subtraction module, I had to load the patch and replace the videoin with a new one somehow reinitializing the input i guess, and that worked. Now, it seems to be only the freeframe plugins that aren’t working for me at the moment.

It’s nice to get something working, but I’m looking to get more data from the image. Outline coordinates, tracking multiple objects… Are these possible without the freeframe set? Unfortunately it sounds like ‘contour’ is what I’m looking for.


I have TC112 webcam and VVVV 40beta17 crash when i selected this, but when i install 40beta18 the problem its solved.

If you dont have the last release try whith this…

hum… arsrobota crashed with video in in beta 18. better go on beta 17.