Tracking an object (plant)?

First of all, hi to everybody! I am completely new to vvvv.

I want to track a plant using webcam. The output from Renderer will be projected and the plant will be digitalized (maybe with some random inputs to make the texture and shape change).

I would be very gratefull for any help or suggestions on how to get this started.

Have a great day!


hei GEE, this “track a plant using webcam” is to general a question. hard to point you in a direction before you add any specifics…

welcome to the forum, gee!

joreg is right. from your question it is hard to tell if you just want to use the plant as some kind of seed for aesthetic cgi or if you actually want to project onto the plant.

both of them (and everything in between) can be solved with vvvv (and have been approached already by gifted individuals) but depending on your actual idea it might be non-trivial - or even easy.

don’t be shy to talk about your idea. this forum is full of people who are hunting their very own ideas, that are very unlike your own. so there is no “danger of idea-theft” that you need to worry about, people are much more likely to pursue their own ideas. nonetheless, they might help you, once you are specific about yours.

and who knows, maybe by being open you might even meet a kindred spirit that you can join forces with…