Tracker Polhemus

has anybody tried to use the polhemus ISOTRAK II ?
What do I need more than the ISOTRAK II, the vvvv and a COM connection and setting the enabling to 1 ?
I retrieve from IsConnected a TRUE value but no position values.

Regds sumopi

actually we had the Isotrak of the Tracker node running some time ago. in principle this should work plug and play (as long as the dip switches on the tracker and the cables are right)

as we didnt really used this node much since then, the node by now is basically untested. you could just give it a try.

the node is back from the days when there werent any subpatches. today we´d better implement the tracker as a subpatch. it´s rather easy sending and receiving the various rs232 commands directly within vvvv.
consult the rs232 howto for details.

The Polhemus ISOTRAK II work quite well, if you choose 57600 BAUD as transfer rate.

Rgds Sumopi