Tracker face

Hello! I am student of media arts, I am a beginner in programming, and I have a project, I am aware of various programs recently I started using 4v.

In my project a person is reflected in a “mirror” (like a screen), and transformed his face (with texturing). could guide me to know as I do with a webcam of the face tracker using 4v? Thanks!


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you can check the DetectObject help in freeframe folder

ok. thanks liquid!

and opencv-plugin-(alpha), more experimental though…

hello! thanks for the help io.

I saw the material, now I have questions, hopefully you can help. I understand little of programming but I’m trying to do my project in college.

This is the screenshot when I open for example “test-face tracking”, there are elements in red, (all the projects I have open elements in red) I guess I can not find where I have to locate folders to be 4v recognize it?

I hope you understand my English!

The screenshot:


all I see is a stain on my screen… :)
anyway head to the forum thread related to th enew library…