TrackedItems in OpenVR lose connection

Yesterday I had an issue with the OpenVR backend of Stride, which I needed to get the tracking data from Vive Trackers (OpenVR is for now the only backend supporting them - see here).

Data from TrackedItems can be retrieved just fine initially. However, when patching it happened quite often to me that those TrackedItems would not be updated any more while the other outputs of the VRDevice node (like Left/Right Controller and Head Position/Rotation) would continue to update their data. My impression was that the connection loss with the TrackedItems would happen when the editor stalls for a moment (eg. when loading more “heavy” nodes like from the fuse environment or when the nodebrowser takes some time to update).

Sometimes restarting the patch (F9) would make it work again, but it also happened to me several times that I had to restart VVVV.

Having a look for an obvious issue in the nodes and Strides code did not reveal anything obvious to me - Touchcontrollers and TrackedItems are handled almost identically. Still only the TrackedItems fail to be updated. Really weird…

Did anybody else experience something like this or even has tips how to workaround this?

I’m on preview 5.2-20 and using SteamVR 1.25.