Track of waist and wrist

I would like to know if it’s possilbe to track wrist and waist from skeleton (as the enumeration node from skeleton shows (24 skeleton points, collar, waist,wrist, torso…). waist and wrist doesn’t seem to work.

would I have to recompile the openni plugins with waist, wrist info ?

use the nodes for the microsoft driver that tracks wrists, toes and waist too in full body tracking. in OpenNI wrists work only in upper-body tracking

thx !
Even in upper-tracking, the openni node doesn’t track wrist, waist…the microsoft one seems to do the job, but with not really good performances…I’ll try to hack something from hand position to deduce wrist position.

The only problem I’ve had with the ms node is when joints are occluded by other joints ie the hand is front of the wrist, the wrist in front of the elbow, try raising or lowering the camera to reduce this happening…