'Tracing' an image?

Hello everyone;

I’ve an idea for a a project in mind but I’m not 100% on how I should be going about it.

I want to ‘trace’ the attached picture, converting the yellow areas to black and the pink lines as white acting as ‘tracks’ for objects to follow or light up in different ways.

Do I need to draw in the whole thing with lines and segments etc and effectively trace the image manually; or is there an easier way to go about what I want to do.

I hope I’ve explained enough and I’m sure I’ll have more questions on this after; though this is the biggest project I’ve had with Vvvv and I’m probably still quite inexperienced with it.

Thank you in advanced.

Try Contour?

nah contour suxx thats where u need opencv stuff, im sure it shud be some standart function

Any more info/ideas on this?

I’m about to start tracing it out with line objects but that will take ages.

Anyone? :)

not sure what you mean by tracing line objects, but did it once with svg paths and arc splines to get nicely distributed points.

@Modified do you want to have coordinates of the red lines?

I guess I could have been clearer.

What I want to do is have a black screen; and white objects moving on trajectories guided by the lines.
The image is purely a map I guess.

It’s inspired by Ikeda - Data Paths: http://vimeo.com/76813693

Except instead of the objects moving vertically or horizontally; I want them to follow the pink lines of the image.

I hope this is a bit clearer :)