Toy for young nerds

i’m playing with Lego Mindstorms robot.
they have node language to program the robots, they have sdk for c++, there are svereal third parties softwares to control nxt robots.
and seems ROBOTC allow to control the robot in real time.

all i need is to control robot via vvvv.
is anyone tried to do so before?
is any coder who whould like to play with it and write a bridge or plug for vvvv?
feel free to contact

thank you

hehe have to buy one of this

but 100% gonna work

Hey… i am working on an installation using mindstorms-sensordata.

A friend of mine is coding a plugin for me to get sensordata and steer the motors from within vvvv. I´m getting this for tryout within the next days and i was wondering if you still need this, too?

I let you know, when i got the plug. The only turndown for now seems to be, that the colorsensor coming packed with the NXT 2.0 doesn´t work as Lego hasn´t released any specifications yet.

Cheers so far, C

hey there,

as i am now also trying to control lego mindstormes using VVVV,
are you still offering your plugin?

i am very very interested my friend!