Touchscreen and VVVV is it possible? maybe looking for a v4 freelancer

Hi, I am new to vvvv but I am very interested in it. I have a project in the horizon were I will need to hire a programmer to help me. I would want to hire someone that knows vvvv because it is what I am interested in, but
I first need to figure out if it is the best software to use for the project. Since I can’t afford any mistakes

I recently saw an video entry on the blog that is a touchscreen( - SurS – Multi-touch table for Engineeri…)
I was wondering if one is able to program a touchscreen and all graphical implementations on vvvv?

We are thinking of putting a touchscreen on a podium and having that control a media wall.

Maybe it is a combination of v4 and some other software or programming language?

What would you advice me on my situation?

How would you do it?

We are located in California.

thank you


take a look on the gallery blog

there a lot of touchscreen example projects

You can start having a look at ToggleButton, for example, and at other nodes of GUI category (double left click on empty space, and enter gui).
You may be interested also in this contribution display-keyboard: based on C#, intuitively unleashes vvvv awesomeness.
And if you ask me, no, I’ve never been in California, and yes, I’d like to. ;)

Thanks H99 - part of our project involves creating a custom keyboard. But it will need to look much more custom than this. its still a good reference.

So if this was based in C# then you are thinking that to make an awesome touchscreen interface I would need someone that programs in C# as well as v4?

The media wall is going to be permanently installed, we need something that is going to be stable. I come from MaxMSp and maxmsp in my experience wasn’t the most stable. I am hoping v4 is stable enough for a permanent installation.

Like I said if it makes sense to make it in v4- I will try to push people in my company to use v4. Because I really like v4 from the 2 weeks Ive been playing with it. Then we will probably hire a freelancer that is experienced with v4 and touch screens. But if it makes much more sense to develop it using another programing language I guess we won’t do it in v4 :(.

Any suggestions, ideas, comments, help?

are the blog posts only things done in v4?

the gallery shows vvvv projects of course, this is the vvvv homepage ;)

what you are up to doesnt sounds too complicated and can be done with vvvv.

there are alternative of course, processing, openframeworks, cinder etc. you have to choose yourself, what way of programming you like and does your tool of choice has interesting features.

hi maybe you’re missing a really nice feature of vvvv - excuse me if I’m wrong.
In vvvv you have the chance to write your own plugins (C#) and effects (HLSL) cloning a Template node (double left click on empty space and type template and ctrl+enter to clone it). Once you create the node, right click on it. An editor will pop up letting you to write code that suits your needs. But vvvv can give you more: posh-an-svg-based-flat-ui-framework-targeting-browsers, or venode, a demo showing interaction between nodejs and vvvv, just to mention few.
And just plain patching too, is really powerful. The point is that in vvvv the two aspects, patches and coding, go side by side (I’m a patcher: see this onscreen keyboard I made a lot of time ago, sites/default/files/user-files/, ~same functioning of other one, but way more complicated).
Said that, I live in Italy, so, jokes aside, to be of some help, I can give few advices; feel free to send me an email through my profile (there’s a send email button somewhere).
Also have a look at